The hype is still alive – Pokemon Go has taken the entire world by storm and it appears that as players level up, there is no stopping its incredible momentum. One of the more surprising, yet pleasing outcomes that hunting virtual reality platform has bestowed on us, however, is its ability to get the players up and out of their seats. If you want to become the master of the game, you have to walk around, and more importantly, catch ’em all.

Seniors might find this game to be relatively childish, but the truth is, it’s great fun for all ages. And, it just so happens that Sugar Valley’s facility makes for the perfect Pokemon hunting grounds. Still doubtful? Don’t be, just check the three top ways Pokemon Go can improve your health.

It gets you physically active

As stated earlier, Pokemon Go is getting everyone – seniors included – up and out of their seats. Roam around the grounds in search of all the nearby monsters waiting to pop up. While some opt to run from Pokestop to Pokestop, others benefit from just the extra steps they get in each day. And, as we all know, walking is an excellent and safe form of exercise, and the only way to hatch an egg and unveil a new Pokemon.

Everyone can benefit from Pokemon Go. Everyone can benefit from Pokemon Go.

It challenges your senses

You don’t exactly need to have lightning reflexes to catch a Pokemon, but you do have to be alert at all times, warns the game. As you walk around Sugar Valley’s scenic estate, you can test your vision. Additionally, you also have to rely on quick decision-making skills, sharpening your memory. Have you already caught this Pokemon before? Are they more powerful than existing ones, or should you swap for candy? Keeping up to date with your collection of monsters is all part of the fun!

It forces social interaction

It might seem odd, but Pokemon Go is literally bringing people together. Studies have shown that it is incredibly important for seniors to stay socially stimulated, and this game is the perfect way to do so. Research has found that social interaction reduces the risk of health issues such as depression, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and even Alzheimer’s.

If you have the smartphone already, go ahead and download this app that can give you a surprising amount of health benefits: Pokemon Go.

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