If you think active living in retirement is all about movement, it may be time to step back, slow down and take a moment to relax.

Meditation is about more than just closing your eyes and humming. In fact, there are several kinds of meditation, each designed to target a specific mental and physical objective. The most common forms are "mindfulness" and "concentration".

In mindfulness meditation, individuals focus on an internal idea and let their mind create threads relative to this. Concentration, however, requires the meditator to settle on a specific thought or mantra, not letting any other ideas come through.

While meditation isn't for everyone, this process can have a few very important benefits for retirees in particular. Here are three reasons you should consider meditation as part of your senior living intentions.

Improved memory

Taking some time each day to sit and reflect on a single idea can have significant benefits for your memory. In particular, if you allow your mind to wander through the mindfulness process, you may find you are able to connect threads and ideas to memories long thought lost.

Our brain works in mysterious ways, so often when you try to force a memory it becomes even further buried than before. Allowing your mind to independently sift through your thoughts can help jog a recollection much more efficiently.

Better digestion

Deep breathing and stillness can have powerful physical benefits, as your circulation and oxygen flow improves. With increased oxygen enrichment, your organs work better – and this includes the stomach and intestines.

Spending an hour meditating after eating a meal could help you overcome painful indigestion. Of course, it helps to seek medical advice before relying on meditation alone!

Reduced stress

As much as we look forward to retirement, living out our golden years can be stressful when faced with illness and other worries. Fortunately, meditation can help by blocking out the outside world and focusing on relaxation.

3 reasons you should try meditation