As a child, chores were the bane of everyone’s existence. Unfortunately, as you got older, those same chores stuck around and they never got any more fun.

By 2016 many dreamed that we’d have robots that did the cooking and cleaning for us, among flying cars and all kinds of other futuristic technologies. But now that you’ve reached retirement, you just want a stress-free environment void of home maintenance responsibilities. While we don’t have robots or flying cars, we do have a host of other awesome technologies that are incredibly helpful around your retirement home. Check them out below.

1. Robot vacuums

Really, is there anything worse than having to clean up the dirt you tracked in from the golf course? Sweeping or vacuuming is a tedious activity that no one enjoys doing. Fortunately, there is a solution – the robot vacuum. After just a push of a button, these disc-shaped vacuums will buzz around your home so you don’t have to. Now your floors can be constantly clean.

2. Home security systems

Security is a concern for everyone, but especially for seniors. There are a myriad of technologies available that can arm the home from a distance or alert you when someone is approaching – you won’t have to worry about an unexpected knock on the door or strange bump in the middle of the night. These cameras send information or video images to your phone so you can see what all the ruckus is about, even if you’re not home.

We might not have robotic butlers, but there is still amazing technology to help around the house. We might not have robotic butlers, but there is still amazing technology to help around the house.

3. Wireless cookware

Okay so you won’t exactly have your own personal robot chef, but you can have smartphone controlled cookware so you can monitor your food wherever you are in your retirement community. This takes the fear out of wondering if you left the stove on, giving you and your family peace of mind.

4. Smart thermostats

Controlling the temperature of your home is a blessing in disguise. You’ll never have to feel uncomfortable with the air temperature again, and if you do, you can change it without needing to get up. You’ll also be able to fiddle with the settings before you arrive home so that it’s warm and toasty upon your return.

When you think about it, all of these technologies allow you to be more social within your retirement community. You can stay out longer with friends at events when you don’t have to worry about the cleaning, and when you can control chores from your phone!

Amazing technologies to hel paround the home