You’re in the prime of your life, aren’t you? Retirement means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Imagine being able to live in a quaint home in Sugar Valley, with all your closest friends just a couple of doors down. Kick back and relax, because how could life get any better?

However, as you are in fact retired, you’re also likely aware that you have to start watching your body a little closer than you used to. A healthy diet helps promote a bountiful life, and most importantly, a sharp brain. As the body ages, memory tends to slip a bit more than it used to, but you can help to slow down the decline of memory by eating these brain-boosting foods each and every day. Check them out.

1. Fish

Let’s start with a punch of protein. Fish, specifically salmon, mackerel and tuna, are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help feed the neurons in your brain to keep them functioning properly. Eating more fish and less red meats is excellent for your health overall.

2. Blueberries 

Who doesn’t love a handful of nature’s bluest candy? Blueberries are packed with antioxidants which help to relieve any stress on the brain. The berries are also thought to improve learning capacity as well as motor skills. So, if you feel yourself slowing down at all, grab a basket of this delicious berry.

The perfect snack for a bit of a brain boost.The perfect snack for a bit of a brain boost.

3. Nuts 

Taking a handful of nuts will make you feel less nutty! Nuts have a variety of nutritional value including vitamin E and protein. It doesn’t take much to do your body wonders. Have a bowl of almonds or hazelnuts (or perhaps both) for a snack, or even just make up a peanut butter sandwich!

4. Beets 

Incorporating some raw beets into your diet has the power to potentially increase blood flow to your brain – exactly what you need as a little mental pick-me up. Toss them into a salad with dark, leafy greens (another excellent brain food packed with nutrients) and you’ve got yourself a nice meal!

So, as you shop for your weekly groceries, or even before you throw a dinner party for the neighbours, don’t forget to consider mixing in these foods! Your brain will be glad you did.

4 foods for a better brain