If you're a retired person who lives around Newcastle, you might be looking into your retirement options. There certainly is a lot of debate circulating about whether it's better to stick with your own home or shift into a retirement community. With so much information arguing both sides, which is the better alternative? 

Here are some reasons why moving to AEH's Sugar Valley Lifestyle Estate is a smart option. 


When considering moving to a retirement village, many aged people become worried that they will no longer be near their friends, families or communities. Sugar Valley is conveniently located in West Wallsend, right next door to the Sugar Valley Golf Club and nestled under views of Mount Sugarloaf.

Your Newcastle friends and family are easy to visit either by car or public transport, with plenty of nearby bus stops. Sydney is effectively just down the road, too, as an on-ramp to the M1 Pacific Motorway is only five minutes away.

Safety and security

Owning your own home during retirement can be a stressful endeavour. If something goes wrong, you have to tackle it yourself or hope someone is free to help. At Sugar Valley, the staff – as well as the entirety of Newcastle's local tradesmen – are always on-hand to assist you with any repairs and touch ups with which you need assistance. You have your own back garden to maintain at your leisure, while your front and all community gardens are maintained for you.

On top of that, there is an emergency call system installed in every home that is monitored 24/7,  just in case you feel your health has gone awry. 


Moving into a retirement village doesn't mean living a life of aged solitude without your community – you're introducing yourself to a whole new one! There will be numerous chances to meet new, like-minded individuals in the community centre, as well as on your own street as you develop neighbourhood bonds. You can still visit your old friends, too, by simply catching a bus and popping down the road. 


A Newcastle retirement village such as Sugar Valley also puts you in a position to access a range of great facilities. On top of your own three-bedroom house, perfect for hosting visiting relatives, you also have access to the nearby golf club, are within walking distance to Gregory and Johnson Parks and are just up the road from the Glendale Shopping Centre. 

If you want to relax and enjoy a stress-free retirement, consider Sugar Valley. 

Do you want your retirement to be relaxing?