Keeping your brain stimulated is one of the keys to positive ageing. Taking advantage of some downtime is the best way to improve your mental health and can also help relieve depression and stress. Here are a few ways you can enjoy some brain games that are actually fun! You can also play them with a friend if you’re after some friendly competition…

Crosswords and Word Puzzles

Having the advantage of activating both the right and left side of your brain at the same time, crosswords and word puzzles are a popular pastime for many. With a range of playful topics and also available in larger print sizes for seniors, there is something for everyone.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles cover almost every subject area you can imagine and help improve focus. They became more popular during COVID, and brands have upped their game in the quality and beauty of images they are selecting. Escape to your favourite place in the world or choose a cute animal to complete, then celebrate when you place that last piece in!


Find a friend and boost your memory skills with a game of chess. Concentration levels are elevated as you plot your next move, and it also has the added benefit of social interaction as you test your gameplay to see who can reach checkmate first!

Arts and Crafts

Maintaining dexterity in your hands requires concentration and focus of the mind. Activities such as knitting, creating collages, or making your own wrapping paper and a card to send to a friend or family member can help to strengthen these skills.

Exercising Mind