Leaving the workforce and settling into retired life can be quite the transition. Suddenly faced with a copious amount of free time, why not pick up a new sport such as golf? Swing into retirement with a hole in one and join the rising numbers of golfers in Australia.

Keeping active has many long-term health benefits, and can keep you busy whilst having fun with your friends.

Golfing around

Recent research by Roy Morgan this November has found that one in 20 Australian men aged 14 and over like to play golf on a regular basis. The research revealed, unsurprisingly, that the numbers of regular participation in a game of golf peak at the ripe age of 64 to 74 years, around one in ten males. Roy Morgan Research attributes the cause of the rise of regular golfers to retirement, and simultaneously, an abundance of free time.

Michele Levin, CEO of Roy Morgan Research, says that golf is the most common sport played amongst seniors in active retirement. This comes before fishing, swimming and cycling.

The Australian Golf Industry Council has found that golf participation is also on the rise throughout the country. A total of 14.4 million games were played in the last financial year, an increase of 3.6 per cent from the previous year. It is estimated that this is due to Australia experiencing a drier climate in the past two years, therefore creating more opportunities for golfers to hit the grass.

Golf, played regularly, can not only improve physical health but also promote a more social and active retirement lifestyle, beneficial for mental health as well.

Playing golf is beneficial for both physical and mental health.Playing golf is beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Come play with us

With an estimated 8,015 retirees in the next 15 years, according to McCrindle, you'll want to find a suitable retirement community to settle into. What better place than somewhere local? According to the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index, Australia ranks third out of 25 countries when comparing retirement income systems and pension policies and practises.

At AEH Retirement, we offer a retirement community with its very own golf course. Sugar Valley Lifestyle Estate hosts a golf club that challenges active retirees for a gentle round of golf, while its 6,511 yards offers older people a nice place for a stroll. Whether experienced or beginner, residents gain a complimentary club membership that lasts a year – perfect to get into the swing of things!

There is also a club house for socialising with fellow community members, and native gardens for a breath of fresh air. Sugar Valley also holds bowling lawns and is close to shops and RSL clubs. There are plenty of opportunities for you to fill up your time if golfing isn't on par with your preferences.

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