Retirement always brings with it the need to set priorities amid the new landscape of your future. Many of us can feel a loss in a sense of purpose with this shift in responsibilities as we face the challenge of finding a daily focus.

Try these helpful suggestions to set a new course and embrace the opportunity to find a new direction in your life:

Boost your social connections

Make a new friend and bond over interests you share such as card/board games, sport or craft, perhaps even just have a conversation. Research has shown that socialising is one of the main factors in post-retirement happiness.

Keep up with current news

Knowing what is going on in the world or even your immediate community is a great way to start a conversation or contribute to chats or debates with family members or friends. Have fun challenging the norm or offering an informed opinion on popular issues!

Engage in a new hobby or activity

Scheduled activities add interest to your week and help to set goals for personal success. If you are interested in sport, it could be lawn bowls, water aerobics or a walking group. Craft groups or weekly game challenges (chess or card games) are also a great focal point for your routine. Set milestones or look at local competitions to add to your sense of achievement.

Go against the stereotype

Squash the negative talk and don’t listen to the unhelpful messaging about ageing. Feel confident in your abilities, know your limits and motivate others with any goals they may have. Encourage peers to join you in activities and foster a sense of positive community support.

Make a bucket list

Creating a list of things you want to achieve in this life is a proven way to develop focus in your day. Go big or go small, whatever you choose to add to your list just make sure it brings you happiness and joy. Bucket list are also a great way to get creative and have some fun!

Sense of Purpose