While we can't turn back the clock, we can learn how to grow old gracefully (and slightly more slowly!) with these handy hints for senior living

Stand up

Researchers from Sweden recently released information that suggests spending more time on your feet can help delay the signs of ageing. The theory goes that telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of DNA strands, are made stronger by elongated periods on two feet. However, spending more time in reclining the armchair and other sitting-based activities shortens the telomeres, which studies have shown can cause premature ageing.

However you choose to stand – whether playing with your grandchildren, doing exercise or participating in a leisurely stroll – the benefits are likely to improve your appearance as well as your health, in addition to being an enjoyable activity and way to spend time in your Newcastle retirement village.

Maintain your appearance

There have been numerous studies showing the negative impacts that continual sun exposure can have, including making skin age more quickly. This is because the sun affects the skin's elasticity and makes it thinner, leading to marks and wrinkles. 

This is the case for everyone, not just those who work outdoors, so be sure to wear sunscreen both when the sun is out and on cloudy days, as the sun's rays can still cause damage. Extend this care to other aspects of your appearance too, such as moisturising regularly.  Be careful with which products you use on your face – too harsh and they'll strip away the good oils that your skin creates.

Care for your inside

It's equally important to fill your body with lots of delicious, nutritious food for all-round health as well as to maintain a youthful glow. The Better Health Channel, a Victoria Government health site, suggests consuming foods that contain vitamin B and glucose, as well as staying away from too much fat and cholesterol. 

Stock in your cupboards lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, and whole​-grain breads and cereals for a healthy balanced diet that can help your body repair itself and ward off signs of ageing too. While it's okay to allow yourself the odd sweet treat, don't let these foods become a significant part of your diet if you want to feel fit and look younger.

How to prevent ageing