Living an active, healthy retirement lifestyle isn't just about superannuation account balances, being sociable with new friends and spending time with the family. Of course, money, socialisation and family all play a role in stimulating mental health, but your physical health is just as important.

However, there are many seniors in Australia who struggle to exercise as they should on a regular basis, either due to frailty or other impediments. Could aqua aerobics be the answer?

Participating in aqua aerobics

If you find swimming too hard, or simply not enjoyable, aqua aerobics could be a water-based solution for you. It is as, if not more, gentle on the body, and allows you to socialise with a class of other people as you work out.

Indeed, regular aerobic exercise is important for staving off a list of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, reports the Center for Disease Control. The New Zealand government recommends performing this type of exercise on at least five days of the week for 30 minutes a day. 

What is aqua aerobics?

According to, aqua aerobics is very much like land-based exercise except suspended in shoulder-high water. This means there is less strain on your musculoskeletal system, as your weight is largely supported by the H2O. This is particularly good for seniors who are worried about falling, as losing your balance in the water will result in a bit of a splash, rather than anything worse.

Dumbbells and kickboards are common in these types of classes, in addition to hydro discs for resistance training and aquatic mitts. 

Where can I do aqua aerobics in Newcastle?

If you've chosen to spend your senior retirement years in Newcastle, you'll be delighted to know there are numerous aqua aerobics facilities and classes you can choose from.

The Wallsend Swimming Centre, approximately 14 minutes by car from Sugar Valley Lifestyle Estate, is one such facility. Hosted by Lane 4 Aquatics, you can book an 'Aqua Fit' class here, a course which has been designed for all fitness levels.

Also in Newcastle, adjacent to the Charlestown Recreation Reserve, is Aquastars Swim School. The aqua aerobics class here is inexpensive and regular, and taught by a fully qualified instructor. You don't have to book ahead, either, as the company's website states that walk ins are welcome.

Lastly, a bit closer to central Newcastle is Mauro Swim Team, which operates a 30-degrees-Celsius pool all year round. Your first lesson here is even free, if you'd like to simply try it out to see what you think.