Begin your new year with a list of goals to achieve. As we covered in last month’s article, it’s always good to have a purpose in your daily life. You can set long-term or short-term goals so you have something within your grasp to achieve and also something a little aspirational to give you a bit of get-up and go!

Here are some ideas for goal setting in 2022:

1. Form a new acquaintance

Give your social life a boost and talk to that person that you always suspected you may have something in common with. Suggest a cup of tea or even a walk around the grounds. If you don’t have someone in mind, join one of the social activity groups and get to know the residents, you never know, you may find a fellow kindred spirit!

2. Make a list of books or films

Think about titles that you have always wanted to see or read and have fun crossing them off the list. You could even form a movie club or book club and have weekly meetings to add another point of interest to your week.

3. Physical Activities

Set exercise goals and celebrate each milestone you make along the way. Start your year with a health check so you know your limits and then make a chart to set out what you hope to achieve. It could be increasing your steps per day, taking up a new sport or even hiking around the beautiful surrounds of Sugar Valley.

4. Cook up a storm

Try your hand at cooking a more complicated dish or type of cuisine as a culinary focus for the year. If you don’t cook, be adventurous and prepare a list of cuisines you have never tried, you may find a new favourite!

5. Refresh your wardrobe

One of the most satisfying starts to the year is to have a new set of clothes to look forward to wearing. Go through old favourites and also the ones that never see the light of day. Freshen up your look and add a spring to your step.