Hearing loss is a common condition that affects many Australians, especially amongst those in active retirement. Unfortunately, hearing loss can be caused by many different factors.

Access Economics quotes excessive noise as the most significant cause of hearing loss, affecting 37 per cent of all cases. Other causes of this condition can be a side effect of illness, accidents, exposure to certain chemicals or age-related.

The causes of age-related hearing loss are unfortunately not yet fully understood. It is believed there may be a genetic factor, but it is also quite distinct from hearing loss acquired through illness or excessive noise. The National Foundation for the Deaf states that adults over 65 are three times more likely to develop a hearing condition. The foundation also estimates that around 50-60 per cent of Australians and New Zealanders over 60 have some degree of hearing loss.

Don't let this stop you from listening to the musical chatter of your loved ones this holiday. Look after your hearing, well into retirement age.

Use your devices

A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has found a correlation between the use of hearing aids and a slower cognitive decline in seniors with hearing loss. Those who did not use hearing aids displayed an accelerated deterioration rate of cognitive function.

Hearing aids are one of the many options of assistive listening devices that are on offer. There are many forms of hearing aids, as well as phones, television and music headphones, and sound amplifiers that are all specifically designed for those with a hearing condition.

There is also a whole range of alerting devices such as alarms, doorbells, timers and smoke alarms so that those with hearing loss can enjoy a healthy lifestyle unburdened by a loss of hearing. Using your devices helps not only you but can also prevent your family from worrying excessively and enables you to live independently in your retirement community.

Use your hearing aid - it'll prolong your mental acuity!Use your hearing aid – it'll prolong your mental acuity!

Listen to your ears

If you notice a change in your hearing, get it checked out by a doctor. For curable diseases, getting it treated sooner rather than later can prevent further, and possibly permanent, hearing damage. You might get a shrill ringing in your ears or keep having to ask others to repeat themselves.

You should also be mindful of what can cause hearing loss. Being conscious of media volume can help reduce hours' worth of excessive noise each day. Bring earplugs to concerts and restrict the time you spend plugged into your earphones each day.

These preventative measures will add up and help reduce your chances of hearing loss, especially as it increases with age. Enjoy a healthy retirement without the need to constantly turn up the volume.

Looking after your hearing