Unconditional love and fuzzy affection – that’s the life of a dog owner. While there is plenty of two-legged companionship to go around in Sugar Valley, there’s something extra special to be said about our four-legged friends. Dogs aren’t just fun to play with, they’re actually good for people looking for an active retirement!

Before you go on and make the big decision, be sure to read up on how to make the right choice here.

Be prepared for the responsibility

True, dogs require extra attention, so retirement seems like it’s the perfect time to adopt, but be honest with yourself. How often are you home and when you are out, do you frequently go to dog-friendly establishments? If not, you might need to change a few lifestyle habits in order to adequately care for a pooch.

Time is not the only responsibility you need to consider, however. First and foremost, you need to know if you can financially take care of a pet. Ask yourself if your budget has room for their food, medical bills or unexpected emergencies that might crop up. If you can say yes, read on to learn how to decide which breed is best for you.

Are you ready for the responsibility of owning a dogAre you ready for the responsibility of owning a dog?

Picking a pup

You have to look at your living arrangement before you decide on a breed. Bigger breeds need space to roam around both inside and out, so if you live in a smaller apartment you’ll have to take them on plenty of walks around the golf course, as it would be unfair to coop them up. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a dog, it just means you have to downsize breeds a bit!

A dog’s temperament is what you next need to take into consideration. You must be ready to take more active breeds on walks and play fetch with them, otherwise they might act out.

Health benefits 

There is a lot of scientific proof that says pets give their owners significant health benefits. Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression are all prevalent in dog owners, as shown by Harvard University’s health blog. Going on walks with them and to play ball also gives yourself significant benefits too. As we all know, exercise is great for your mental and physical health – what a bonus! Fortunately, the grounds of Sugar Valley are perfect for these dog-bonding moments!

Sound like you’d be a suitable pet owner? Congratulations, the fun has just begun! Now go forth and adopt your new furry friend.

Picking the right Pup for you