What's the best part about retirement? Having the free time to do all your favourite hobbies and activities, of course. This freedom is exciting for most, but it can also be somewhat daunting when you're no longer receiving a steady income. Of course, financial planning can start as early as your first paycheck, but there are plenty of things you can do to save money once you've reached retirement age!

Check out these money-saving tips so you can have a comfortable life after retirement.

1. Move to a retirement community 

If you're ready for retirement, this means your kids have left the nest, and you and your significant other likely have more than enough space. All those empty rooms end up requiring extra maintenance. Why not downsize into a more comfortable living situation, such as retirement communities like Sugar Valley or Camden Central? Not only will it cut costs on all the standard living expenses, but it'll also bring you closer to people just like you!

2. Make a budget 

Budgeting might sound tedious, but once you know exactly what you need to spend on necessities, it will help you plan for your future. Based on your current spending habits, you can plot out everything from daily to monthly expenditures, all the way up to yearly expenses. Factor in things like rent, groceries, medications or routine appointments, and don't forget to leave a bit of a flexibility for emergency situations. Once you have these planned out, you can start to budget for the fun things, like vacations or your hobbies. 

Know what's ahead with a yearly budget!Know what's ahead with a yearly budget. 

3. Know your Age Pension eligibility 

There are certain age and resident requirements that also rely on your income and assets, but there are different government plans that can help support you. Most of these plans are available once you're around 65 years old, but you should study the specific requirements to make sure you are eligible. Even if you don't qualify for the plan in mind, there are many other government organisations and support services that offer ample assistance as well. 

4. Keep your money safe

This last tip is a reminder to keep your money safe. It's more common for older generations to be targeted for identity theft or scams, simply because they tend to have more saved up and are generally less tech-savvy. The best tips here are to be careful where you put your credit and personal information online, and keep an eye on your bank account activity.

Retirement is the time to reward yourself for years of dedicated hard work. Be sure to enjoy and make the most of your time by being financially prepared!