Though your Camden Central retirement village may be lush and provide you many comforts of life, it’ll do little to quench your wanderlust. This is a term used to express the desire to travel, move around and see new people and places.

Recently, travel company Luxury Escapes released an internship, looking specifically for seniors aged 60 and over from Australia or New Zealand. It included two days of training in the likes of blogging, vlogging and social media, and ten days of travel to exotic Bali.

Ambassador for Luxury Escapes, Livinia Nixon, tells the New Zealand Herald that they are taking this different approach at looking towards a different demographic because they believe “Australians and New Zealanders with great life experience have so much to contribute to the world of online travel.”

It’s possible that you may consider yourself not suitable, but let us have a look at why sometimes, a break away from home can help ease your retirement.

Why go alone? Relive cherished holiday memories with your significant other.Why go alone? Relive cherished holiday memories with your significant other.

Travelling in style

You’re never too old to travel – that’s something everyone needs to realise. In fact, Roy Morgan Research has found that many Australians who travel are likely to return to the same destination for a repeat holiday. So, in between competing with your friends at golf and wandering around Newcastle at a leisurely pace, why not take a long-awaited break and relive a travel adventure?

The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies released their annual survey for 2015, which found that 33 per cent of the retirees in the study enjoy spending time travelling. Why is this? While relaxing, travelling also brings with it a host of health benefits.

A report by the Global Coalition of Aging explains that travel reduces stress, which can be a detrimental factor on the immune system. The report also mentions the notable Framingham Heart Study, which focussed on the health of three generations in close detail over many years. The findings revealed that in females 45-64, women who vacationed twice a year, as opposed to once every six years, had a significantly less risk of a heart condition.

Free trip to Bali? Yes please!Free trip to Bali? Yes please!

Escape to luxury

If you are over 60, keen to learn some new digital skills and would love to experience Bali’s finest spa treatments, exotic cuisine and calming beaches, why hesitate to apply? Deadline is early May, and if you do succeed, you’ll be the envy of everyone in your retirement community.

Alternatively, you could even book a flight to somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s up to you to create a holiday that’s worth re-experiencing!

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